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Product Name:

Wheel Stop


900 x 150 x 100mm



Dimensions: 900x150x100mm 

Wheel Stops are designed to control parking. It is an essential part of any car parks, which inhibit encroachment into any opposing parking spaces or touch with a building or high kern. So they limit the travel of a vehicle within a designated parking space and prevent damage to vehicles and property. It is also important to stop vehicles from overhanging and intruding upon pedestrian walkways. Wheel Stops are widely applied in any parking locations as municipal parking lots, airports, train stations, hotels, hospitals, stadiums, schools, shopping senters, home and Industrial buildings, public and private surface parking facilities, etc.

Hopeland high impact resistant wheel stops are made from recycled plastic, through a system of high temperature and high power hydraulic pressure. Superior structure and ultra tough make it more stronger and can stand any weather and temperature. It will not crack, fade or disintigrate like many other wheel stops on the market. The high visible reflectors on the wheel stops are real conspicuilites for drivers to assure safe parking even at night.


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